Why Belong to an ABF Group?

ABF is an intimate, personal setting to study the Bible, share concerns, and support one another in difficult times. By belonging to an ABF group…

  • You will understand the Bible better.
  • You will grow closer and begin to feel part of God’s family.
  • Prayer will become more meaningful as you pray for others and hear how God answers.
  • You will have a group to support you in times of need.

Our ABFs Encourage Three Things:

  • Grow – We must transform our thought, actions, and purpose through our relationship with God as taught from the Word of God.
  • Connect – We must develop real relationships with one another to connect the disconnected.
  • Serve – We must act out of those relationships with care, support, and love to our church body and unchurched in our community.
View Our Adult Bible Fellowships Below

All to All

Sundays at 9:00am




Contact: Dan or Teri Enderle phone/text: (413) 348-4908

John or Karen Paull phone/text: (570) 677-0915

Joel Reimers phone/text: (413) 374-9298


Side by Side

Sundays at 9:00am



Contact: Dave or Lauren Morgan phone/text: (860) 558-4163 email:


Turning Point

Sundays at 9:00am




Contact: John or Tammy Stevens phone/text: (413) 777-2164 or call (413) 783-1566 email:


Soul Purpose

Sundays at 9:00am



Contact: Rick or Debra Purrington phone/text: (413) 219-0682 or call (413) 567-0099 email:



Sundays at 10:45am




Contact: Paul or Denise Ryan phone/text: (413) 271-2316 email:

home builders

Home Builders

2nd & 4th Saturday




Contact: Dan or Alyssa Rhodes phone/text: (413) 896-9269 email: